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How to Resize Images for Use on Websites

Using Photoshop :
There are two ways within Photoshop — Export As and Save for Web.
Using Export As
Save for Web (Watch a quick video)

Using Photoshop Elements :
Using Photoshop Elements

Using WebResizer :
I haven’t used this application yet and it’s a third party app so be cautious installing it onto your computer.

More about Photo Resizing:

Convert a PDF to a JPEG

A Makeshift Way to Convert a PDF to a JPEG

Zamzar Online File Conversion Service

Zamzar is an online file conversion service with high safety ratings across various internet platforms. They only store original files for as long as it takes to convert them and they only store the converted files for 24 hours and those files are only accessible via direct link.


Content Management Systems


Uploading an image to WordPress

This is a little long, but he goes slowly and in detail.


Moving Blocks of Text and Images in Layout